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About MOULAGE's business

・Technical support on raw material and molding process technology

We are carrying out technical support business related to molding and processing technology of plastics, metals and ceramics materials.  In particular, there is a profound knowledge of powder injection molding technology.
Currently, we support foreign enterprises and domestic major manufacturers and support small and medium enterprises.

・Supporting inter-company alliance business and M&A in the manufacturing industry

We will support small and medium-sized business people who are troubled by the following things.
I would like to increase sales by building collaboration with other companies.
Acquisition of investment funds, support of M & A, mainly by companies that need successor difficulties, development funds, and commercialization funds.

・Support for manufacturing venture companies

We will support manufacturing venture companies troubled by the following things.

How to commercialize our own technology and our own products. Support for acquisition of development subsidy.
Alliances with companies to be sold candidates.

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