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 Moulage LLC.

Technical consulting on powder injection moulding technology and oxide & nitride ceramics
Manufacture and sale of binder and moulding materials for powder moulding.
Development, production and sales of MIM and CIM moulding materials.
Ordering and sales of MIM and CIM components
Sales of solvent degreasing equipment for MIM, CIM and metal 3D printer systems.

Morage is mainly engaged in the following business support.

· Support for powder molding processing (metal, ceramics) technology

​・Produce of MIM & CIM parts

· Helping inter-company businesses that can not be realized only by their own company

· Assisting M & A with manufacturing successor difficulties

· Development support and business support for production venture companies

· Patent strategy support


2-12-18, Ikenohata Hiroheights 2F, Ueno, Taitou-ku

​Tokyo, Japan, 110-0005

​TEL: +81-50-5436-8736

E-mail ​Address

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