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 Moulage LLC.

Technical consulting on powder injection moulding technology and nitride ceramics
Manufacture and sale of binder and moulding materials for powder moulding.
Development, production and sales of MIM and CIM moulding materials.
Ordering and sales of MIM and CIM components
Sales of solvent degreasing equipment for MIM, CIM and metal 3D printer systems.

About the features of our powder molding materials

We are currently manufacturing and selling the following binder materials and molding materials.

Our binder systems are available for extractive degreasing, thermal degreasing, and catalytic degreasing.

*Patent pending

・Binder materials for MIM (Metal Injection Molding), Molding materials for MIM

・Binders for CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), Molding Compounds for CIM

・Sales of binders for ceramics molding (extrusion molding, sheet molding)

・Manufacturing and sales of molding materials for 3D printers under development (for additive manufacturing)

Metal Powder
Kneading proess
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